Our algorithms do the looking for you.

Pilot program launching in fall 2019.

We will be delivering an on-premise hosted solution to our Pilot school that will sit on top of their current state-of-the-art video management platform and deliver real-time, actionable situational awareness to the school’s administrators and security personnel.

The system will perform on both real-time data as well as perform historic searches for any situation the system can identify. Long gone will be the days of manually searching through videos to find what you are looking for.

The system has multi-modal input capability, meaning that IP cameras are not the only method of gathering information to derive situational awareness. We will employ a host of other sensor technology, some off-the-shelf and others proprietary in nature.

We think the name says it all. AlgoLook: Let our algorithms do the looking for you. It’s like having a set of eyes that never get tired on each and every camera and sensor in your facility. Not to mention, in a situation where every second counts, you want nothing but the best in assisting you in keeping our kids safe!

We have assembled a stellar team and partner roster with massive interdisciplinary experience to be able to deliver a solution that currently does not exist in the market today.

We are committed to keeping the thing that we all value most out of harm’s way, our loved ones.

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