Deliver industry shaping technology.

Keeping the places where we
learn, work and play safe.

AI Powered Computer Vision

Facial Detection & Identification
Person Searching & Tracking
Weapon Detection
Person Down
Running & Fighting
Proprietary Onboarding Technology
Situational Awareness

Fever Detection

Patent Pending
Passive, Unobtrusive & Autonomous
Reduces the Spread of Communicable Diseases
Identifies Potential Fever in Known and Unknown Visitors

Particulate Sensor

Patent Pending Technology
Tobacco & THC
Air Quality
Real-time Alerts
Video System Integration
Concealed Installation Option

Flexible & Scalable

Deployed On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid
Works With Any IP Camera & API Equipped Video
Management System
Integrates with External Systems (lockdown, e911, etc.)

Alerts & Reporting

Customizable Distribution Lists
Native iOS, Android & Web Applications
Standard & Customizable Reporting

Privacy & Security

Privacy by Design
Security by Design
All PII Data Owned by Client
On-premise Installation Servers Owned by Client
Database of TruthTM Mitigates False Positives & Biases

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