At the end of the day, we’re nerds with heart.

AlgoLook is:

  • An AI product company incorporated in Delaware (C Corp.) with offices in the Dallas Metro area
  • Focused on building technology and commercializing revolutionary Artificial Intelligence products for Security, Safety, Health and Wellbeing
  • Creators of customizable, patent-pending technology, that allows for the customer experience to continually evolve throughout the life cycle of the products
  • Founded by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, leaders, technologists and academics with extensive experience in: Telcom, Video, Large-Scale Platform Development, AI, and Sensors


David Harrison

President & Chief Technology Officer

David has always had a curiosity about “how things work” and the science behind it, leading to a pursuit in engineering. After completing a BS in electrical engineering from Kennesaw State University, David continued a lifelong passion of discovery by working in areas such as wireless, wireline, TV and Media, IP, AI and IT for 20+ years. David is married with two wonderful daughters. David also has a passion for cooking and on most weekends you will find him out on his Big Green Egg preparing delicious appetizers and entrees to share.

John Dankovchik

Chief Innovation Officer

For over 25 years John has been at the intersection of technology and business. With a lifelong passion for technology and innovation, John has been a pioneer in electronic trading, marketing and video production just to name a few. John is a life-long learner and is one of the most curious and passionate people you will meet. John is married with 3 children and serves on the Board of 2 nonprofits, Wipe out Kid’s Cancer and the Howard Brain Sciences Foundation.

Jeremy Patton

Head of S/W Development

Jeremy is a career full stack developer and leader that’s able to analyze workflows and find efficient ways to optimize processes. He is a builder at heart which manifests itself not only in code and architecture but in his hobbies as well. In his spare time Jeremy enjoys wood working and trying not to kill plants while gardening. Jeremy received his Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Texas A&M University and has pursued his passion of code ever since.

Herman Spencer

Herman Spencer is the CEO of Software Built by Design, a no-code rapid development platform. He has over 30 years experience in the technology industry and has been involved in numerous large-scale platform creations from ideation to deployment.


Dr. David Lary

UTD Collaborator

Dr. David Lary is a UT Dallas Professor in the Physics Department. He is a graduate of Cambridge University and spent 10 years of his career working at NASA. Dr. Lary is one of the world’s leading experts in remote sensing technology.


Dr. Newton Howard

Dr. Newton Howard is a professor of Computational Neurosurgery at Oxford University, a former MIT professor and the founder of the Mind Machine Project at MIT. He is a global leader in advanced brain sciences and artificial intelligence.


Louis Fellini

Louis is a Senior Partner for Tier One Holdings, LLC where he leads the Special Projects Division. Felini is also the Executive Vice President of Strategic Development for Deter and Delay, LLC. With over 28 years of law enforcement experience with the Dallas Police Department, he successfully developed and implemented several multi-agency operations that involved local, state, and federal law enforcement officers.


Introducing S.A.F.E.

SAFE is a platform that provides Situational Awareness to Businesses, Schools, Governments, or any place where people congregate or enter a secured facility. The platform provides a real-time Situational Assessment and alerts of potential threats in the facility using numerous proprietary AI models and patent-pending, state-of-the-art IoT sensing technology, all in real time.  SAFE is multi-modal in its sensing capabilities and features an open architecture solution. The open API architecture allows for easy integration into existing security appliances and other 3rd party systems.

  • Passive or active Fever Detection – AlgoTemp Sensor
  • Air Quality, Vape, THC, detection, dangerous gases – AlgoAir Sensor
  • Active Assailant detection
  • Behavioral detection; running, person down
  • Realtime alerting to web, native applications and SMS
  • Advanced visitor management and onboarding
  • Find, track, trace people in real-time

Platform SAFE leverages an advanced AI framework to provide a complete enterprise safety and security solution. The AlgoAir and AlgoTemp sensors can be deployed as stand-alone devices, or they can be coupled with the full platform functionality to provide situational awareness and identity management and tracking capabilities.

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