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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

To make the world safer by protecting the people and places we learn, work and play.

Our Mission:

To enhance those in our world who serve to keep us safe by delivering industry shaping technology to help keep our loved ones safe.

The problems we solve:

From governments, to enterprises, to schools and airports… they all lack a Unified Situational Awareness Solution which will enable and accelerate our safe return to work, classes, travel, and our activities of daily living, now and into the future.

“How do we protect our children returning to school and allow them to safely pursue their education?”

“How do we keep our employees safe and our business secure?”

“How do keep our citizens and visitors safe?”

Introducing S.A.F.E.

(Situational Awareness for Environmental Safety)

  • SAFE is a platform that provides customizable Situational Awareness for Enterprises, Government facilities, Schools or any place where people congregate or enter a controlled facility.
  • The solution provides a real-time situational assessment and alerts of potential threats in a facility
  • SAFE employs numerous proprietary AI models and patent-pending, state-of-the-art IoT sensor technology, AlgoTemp and AlgoAir.
  • SAFE is multi-modal in its sensing capabilities , which provides perspective about the environment around you.
  • The open API architecture allows for easy integration with existing security appliances and other 3rd party systems.


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