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Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is this: To make the world safer by protecting the people and places where we learn, work and play. And our mission? To enhance and augment those who serve to keep us safe by delivering industry shaping technology.

The problem with Security systems today.

Cameras and sensors are ever present in our lives. Installed in schools, enterprises, and retail stores, gathering and recording all types of data about our actions and behavior. The problem is, these systems generally possess no intelligence and do not provide a unified and actionable situational awareness assessment to alert those serving to protect our loved ones, our property and our physical surroundings. AlgoLook is solving this by initially focusing on 4 major areas of safety and health in our schools today.
These are: School Shootings, Bullying, The Vaping Epidemic, and Mitigating the spread of Influenza and other communicable diseases.

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Making the places where we learn, work and play, safe.

2018 saw the most school active shooters in history. Bullying is a huge problem today with nearly 1 in 3 kids falling victim. The vaping epidemic, labeled so by the federal government, saw a 75% increase last year alone in teen vaping. The addiction to nicotine is real and is spreading throughout our youth. Lastly, the spread of influenza alone causes over 32 million school days missed, not to mention the days off work taken by parents to care for their child. This is where we start, but it is only the beginning.


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We hold many different titles and professions: entrepreneurs, leaders, technologists and academics; but at the end of the day, we’re just nerds with heart.

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